PhD Candidate
Rhetorics, Communication,
and Information Design

Clemson University


Although I've been composing electronic music for the past 20 years or so, I've recently become fascinated with a particular genre known as chiptune, which uses the sound and hardware of older computers and consoles like Nintendo's GameBoy, the NES, the Commodore 64 and other such systems that use primitive FM-synthesis and a limited number of tracks to create different sounds. I like to think of this genre in relation to poetry: by setting extreme limitations on the process of a song or poem's composition, maximal use of the medium is achieved through its most minimal offering. Poetry maximizes the potential of language by stripping it bare; chiptune does the same with electronic music.

That said, I don't claim to be amazing at it—I'm a better poet than a musician. And like poetry for me, music is more of a personal experience than something I actively seek to find an audience for; I am my own audience for it, and if someone else enjoys the work, that's a fortunate side-effect. Below you'll find a few of my more recent songs, but I tend not to make most of these public. If you're interested in more, or would want to collaborate, please contact me personally.