PhD Candidate
Rhetorics, Communication,
and Information Design

Clemson University

Handheld and JRPG Collecting

I have always been an avid fan of Japanese-style role-playing games. The first NES game I played was Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest, and this was quickly followed by Final Fantasy (pictured above) and the Dragon Quest series. Starting with the sixth generation of consoles (PlayStation 2, GameCube, etc.), I stopped playing these games for a while, primarily due to working long shifts in a factory that produced car parts for half a decade. The nature of the artwork in JRPGs took a decidedly anime-based turn that I found off-putting for a bit, but this is more due to the graphical capabilities of consoles being able to render more clearly the anime style that was always at the heart of these games. For these reasons, among a handful of others, my collection of JRPG titles is rather skewed toward the 8-bit and 16-bit varieties, but I'm slowly adding titles to reflect this period.

More avidly, I collect hand-held consoles and their respective games. I have roughly 200 gameboy/gameboy color games, and multiple variations of the gameboy, gameboy color, gameboy advance, and Nintendo DS. One of my more "prized" possessions is the Sega Nomad, a hand-held version of the Sega Genesis that was released in 1995 but was sold poorly: an estimated 1 million units were bought in the span of four years, and most of those units are now largely unaccounted.

I tend to play gameboy games either with a Super Game Boy on the Super Nintendo or, in the case of Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games, on the Gameboy Player peripheral for the Nintendo Gamecube. While I have used emulation in the past (legally!...), over the years I've become more fascinated with the actual hardware involved. On my blog, you will find my thoughts on a lot of these games, as well as images of hardware, restoration results, and so on. The blog function of this CMS is still currently being developed, however, so you'll have to settle for the few paltry images I have on this page for the time being.