PhD Candidate
Rhetorics, Communication,
and Information Design

Clemson University

Sample Syllabi

Here you'll find three samples of syllabi that I have designed: one for Clemson's "Accelerated Composition" course, which combines the more typical two-course offerings into a single section; one for a technical writing course that emphasizes workplace and practical documents with an open-source, open-access ethos (this is an unorthodox syllabus, so if you are looking for something more off-the-wall, try this one); and another syllabus for an STS course on rhetoric and robotics that I am currently designing but have yet to be given the opportunity to teach. You are free to use these however you see fit and without attribution to me.

If you are interested in obtaining the plain-text source to the technical writing syllabus, please contact me with the request. I have not provided it here because it is encoded in a linux or unix format, and is mostly illegible when opened in a windows operating system.